Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group is a widely diversified conglomerate operating primarily in the industrial and energy sectors.

As an experienced industrial goods and services market player, the Group has ample opportunities for realization of full cycle engineering services both for large private industrial companies and major state structures.

ERC’s structural subdivisions are comprised of research, engineering, manufacturing, construction and installation companies.

Broad occupational competencies of structural subdivisions allow participating in large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects at all the stages of the value chain.

The Group employs highly qualified and experienced scientists, researchers, engineers and specialists with in-depth knowledge in different areas of the industrial field.

ERC Corporate Group is considering the development of the innovative activity and advancement of its technological potential as the most highly prioritized activity areas.

Toward this end, the Group assigns high priority to the development of highly effective innovative technologies, considering them as the basis for efficient production and a key prerequisite for significant technological and competitive advantage.

One of the most important competitive advantages of ERC is its internal scientific and research & development resources, that allows to transform its scientific ideas into pioneering solutions and advanced highly effective innovative methods and tools.

For the realization of comprehensive projects, ERC’s subdivisions using advanced engineering solutions and modern high-tech equipment that promotes energy conservation and environmental protection.

The diversified industrial equipment portfolio combined with a significant regional presence provides a wide coverage for clients, and guarantees optimized logistics costs.

The Group’sspecialized divisions provide a wide range of high-tech industrial services, including engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, completions and commissioning services in the undertaken projects for several major industry sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, mining & metallurgy, power generation and infrastructure.

ERC Corporate Group can also combine these services with its operations and maintenance capabilities, as well as with numerous insurance, risk management and financial tools to provide holistic and fully integrated end-to-end project solutions.

► Steam boilers;
► Industrial hot water boilers;
► Waste heat recovery boilers;
► Heat recovery steam generators;
► Industrial cooling towers;
► Boiler islands;

► Air heaters;
► Boiling water heaters;
► Steam water heaters;
► Boiler and auxiliary equipment;
► Heat-exchanging equipment;
► High-pressure heat-exchanging equipment;
► Low-pressure heat-exchanging equipment;
► Auxiliary heat-exchange equipment;
► Surface-type evaporators and steam transformers;
► Steam coolers;
► Water coolers;
► Power engineering fittings;
► Axial and radial fans;
► Pump equipment;
► Filters;
► Deaerators;
► Chemical water treatment equipment;
► Sorption, clarifying, ionite filters;
► Equipment for cleaning heating surfaces;
► Control systems for thermal power.

► Steam turbines (high/medium/low capacity);
► Synchronous turbogenerators (air/water/hydrogen/hydrogen-water cooled);
► Asynchronous turbogenerators (air/air-water cooled);
► Industrial gas turbines;
► Turbine islands;
► Gas-piston power stations;
► Gas turbine power stations;
► Cogeneration & trigeneration systems;

► Heat-exchanging equipment;
► High-pressure heat-exchanging equipment;
► Low-pressure heat-exchanging equipment;
► Auxiliary heat-exchange equipment;
► Surface-type evaporators and steam transformers;
► Vacuum turbine condensers;
► Steam coolers;
► Water coolers;
► Oil coolers;
► Condensers;
► Gland steam condensers;
► Bleed check valves;
► Filters;
► Deaerators;
► Chemical water treatment equipment;
► Sorption, clarifying, ionite filters;
► Electrical automation systems.

► Reactors;
► Steam turbines;
► Turbogenerators;
► Turbine islands;
► Special systems of the reactor island;
► Cooling towers;

► Drive turbines;
► Heat-exchanging and auxiliary equipment;
► High and low pressure feedwater heaters;
► Moisture separator-reheaters;
► Reactor pit equipment;
► Transport airlocks;
► Pipelines and fittings;
► Pumping equipment;
► Main circulation pipelines;
► Pressure compensators;
► Reaction zone passive reflooding systems;
► Emergency cooling systems;
► Process control and automation systems.

► Power transformers;
► Current transformers;
► Voltage transformers;
► Isolation transformers;

► Traction motors, generators;
► Direct current electric motors;
► Synchronous electric motors;
► Asynchronous electric motors;
► Low-voltage electric motors;
► Current limiting reactors;
► Smoothing reactors;

► Uninterruptible power supplies;

► Turbocharger equipment;

► Generator switches;

► Alternating current drives;
► Direct current drives;
► Low-voltage alternating current drives;

► Power cables;
► Cable systems;
► Cable fittings;

► Switches;
► Switch-disconnectors;
► Drive mechanisms;
► Fuses;
► Overvoltage limiter;
► Vacuum chambers and poles;
► Contactors;
► Earthing systems;
► Measuring transformers and sensors;
► Condensers;
► Filters;

► Power distribution cabinets;
► Control and automation cabinets;

► Complete transformer substations;
► Complete switchgears;
► Complete conductors and busbars;

► Components for power equipment;

► Components for electrical equipment.

► Drilling equipment;
► Wellhead equipment;
► Christmas tree valves;
► Reservoir pressure maintenance systems;
► Oil treatment plants;
► Oil-heating units;
► Pumping modules;
► Power plants;
► Turboexpanders;
► Flaring systems.

► Mini oil refinery;
► Steam turbines;
► Heat power plants;
► Gas compressors;
► Heat-exchanging equipment;
► Incinerators;
► Reactor equipment;
► Column equipment;
► Furnace equipment;
► Process piston pumps;
► High speed centrifugal pumps;
► Centrifugal leak proof pumps;
► Shutoff and control valves;
► Pipeline junction units;
► Capacitive equipment;
► Tank roofs;
► Filtration plants;
► Float fractions collecting units;
► High pressure water jetting systems;
► Sea water desalination units;
► Sewage treatment systems;
► Firefighting systems;
► Auxiliary equipment.

► Roadheaders;
► Mine lifting machines;

► Crawler-mounted open-mine excavators;
► Walking draglines;
► Bucket-wheel excavators;

► Conveyor equipment;
► Spreaders;

► Crushing and milling equipment;
► Cone crushers;
► Jaw crushers;
► Mills;
► Stage loader crushers;
► Crushing loaders;

► Mineral processing equipment;
► Milling equipment;

► Store handling equipment;
► Slurry pumps;
► Bucket wheel reclaimers;

► Ore-sizing machines;
► Hydrocyclone units;
► Slurry control valves;
► Sampling systems.

► Blast-furnace melting equipment;
► Deslagging unit;
► Trough-type charging device;
► Stationary and mobile mixers;
► Hot metal transfer cars and slag carriages;
► Hydraulic pneumatic drive systems;
► Electrical drive systems;
► Automatic lubrication systems;
► Stock-conveying system;
► Valves;
► Filters;
► Blast furnace cooling system;
► Gas and air supply systems;
► Smoke removal systems;

► Electric arc furnaces;
► Slag cars;
► Steel teeming ladle cars;
► Slag-forming materials feed systems;
► Powered trucks;

► Mini iron and steel plants;

► Billet and slab continuous casting machines;

► Heat treatment furnaces;
► Reheating furnaces;
► Walking beam heating furnaces;
► Continuous roller hearth furnaces;
► Batch furnaces;
► Bell-type furnaces;
► Vertical furnace;
► Conveyor furnace;

► Sintering equipment;
► Sinter breakers;
► Sinter pallets;
► Screens;
► Scrapers;
► Drum pelletizers and mixers;
► Conveyors;
► Bowl sinter coolers;

► Cold and hot rolling mills;
► Wide-strip hot-rolling mills;
► Rolling mill rolls;
► Spare parts for rolling mills;
► Spindles, shafts, rollers, clutches;

► Slitting and shearing lines;
► Flat-grinding and roll-grinding machines;

► Press-forging plants;
► Forging plants;
► Hammers;
► Presses;
► Sheet-bending machine;
► Mould tubes;

► Vacuum degassing plants;

► Spare parts for metallurgical equipment;

► Refractory materials;

► Automated process control systems.