Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group strives to maintain and strengthen its position primarily in the industrial and energy sectors and to ensure its role of responsible goods and services market player, which focuses on sustainable development while satisfying the consumer demand to the maximum extent possible, as well as systematically increasing the competitiveness of its products and services.

The quality management concept is founded on the Group’s ability to provide for stable, safe and efficient supply of goods and services based on social and business interests with the assortment, volume and quality corresponding to the market demand levels.

To achieve these strategic objectives, the Group uses all available opportunities, including continued efforts to ease bottlenecks and reduce costs, increase the efficiency of its business operations, further improve the quality of its goods and services provided, as well as use new advanced high-performance technologies.

Achieving the set goals and objectives of ERC ensures the implementation of the following interdependent principles:

  • Compliance with laws, standards and regulations relating to products and services quality and safety management;
  • Systematic investigation and identification of current and future customer needs through a market research, as well as comprehensive continuous monitoring of their expectations and satisfaction;
  • Creating better conditions for optimal functioning and improvement of the quality management system;
  • Diversification of sales markets by means of identification of new needs through the marketing research and subsequent deliveries of competitive high-quality products and services meeting the expectations and requirements of the consumers;
  • Improving the Group’s performance and operational effectiveness through internal strategy and discipline;
  • General orientation and global interconnectedness of strategic goals of the Group’s internal divisions;
  • Making management decisions based on reliable data analysis of the Group’s activities;
  • Exercising effective control over all activities, major tasks and sub-tasks needed to maintain the desired level of excellence;
  • Observance and compliance with the international agreements, standards, legal and regulatory requirements applicable in each country where the Group operates;
  • Commitment to the zero tolerance principle to corruption in any of its forms and manifestations at all levels;
  • Adherence to strengthening mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

The main purpose of ERC Corporate Group is to assist its clients in purchasing the highest quality products in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner, as well as expanding the product range and services meeting the strict requirements of modern international quality standards.