Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group has had considerable success in creating legitimate, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with an extensive network of largest independent terminal, warehouse and storage operators.

This close, efficient and effective collaboration enables the Group to provide integrated, value-creating solutions for its clients globally.

ERC Corporate Group offers both short and long term warehouse storage service, as well as simple and flexible handling solutions for a broad range of solid, liquid and gaseous products.

The terminal and warehouse capacities are strategically located for users along the major trade and transport routes around the world.

To safely, reliably and efficiently store and handle products, the Group provides a broad spectrum of time- and cost-optimized additional support services, from loading-unloading processes, heating, cooling and blending, to customized structured financing and customs clearance assistance.

Furthermore, ERC’s fulfillment centers focuses on designing innovative terminal and warehouse management concepts that maximize productivity and operational efficiency.