Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group builds and maintains strong long-term strategic partnerships and coalitions with the world’s leading global logistics providers.

The Group’s solid global relationships with best-in-class carriers allow it to generate highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for its counterparties and clients in different markets worldwide.

Centralized control systems, dense logistic network and considerable ramification routes endow the Group with a significant reliability margin and ability to secure uninterrupted commodity supplies through land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight.

Integrated logistics centers have a comprehensive portfolio of individual solutions and enable a wide range of highly differentiated value-added services for fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective delivery by using all types of transport.

ERC Corporate Group is committed to maximum efficiency, quality and flexibility in its transportation operations and actively works to create new logistic capacities, expand the existing transportation corridors, and diversify transportation routes.