Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group consistently implements the high social responsibility policy and seeks to exercise a significant influence on the environmental, economic and social development of the regions where it operates.

The Group’s social mission is an essential and fundamental aspect of its long-term business strategy, which is primarily aimed at maintaining and strengthening socio-economic sector stability.

Striving for sustainable and dynamic development of diversified business, ERC Corporate Group pays due attention to solving various social problems, as well as periodically takes part in implementing certain regional projects in the field of science, education, healthcare, culture, and sport.

During the process of selecting social investment projects and programs, priority is given to those events which enable the Group to make a significant and long-term contribution to solve the existing social problems and to provide necessary assistance to further the socio-economic development of regions.

In addition, while developing the socio-economic support projects, the Group is permanently mindful specifics of local conditions, using the right tools and programs to ensure the most substantial positive impact.

ERC’s social responsibility is to build mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and to maintain the necessary balance in relations with all stakeholders in the regions of its presence, including government, business partners, clients, employees and the public.