Mission & values

Eurasian Resource Capital (ERC) Corporate Group aims to create a high quality, strong and efficient business platform for its global operations and progressive long term development on the basis of compliance with a set of fundamental guiding principles of responsible business reflected in the Group’s missions and values.

Establishing a culture of responsible and effective management is one of the primary tools to full-scale unlocking the hidden potential inherent in ERC and providing an enabling environment for the Group to succeed.

The Group intends to strengthen its positions among the world’s top trading and industrial companies, improve operational efficiency and financial sustainability, optimize and to balance the range of products and markets, as well as expand and deepen existing partnerships and attracting new strategic business partners, considering alliances and partnerships as an opportunity to strengthen ERC’s global competitiveness.

ERC Corporate Group effectively transforms its ideas and resources into a business model of responsible global supplier of high impact and high performance solutions in the economic, social, and ecological spheres.

High-priority aspects of the Group’s mission & values:

  • Strict observance and compliance with the international agreements, standards, legal and regulatory requirements applicable in each country where the Group operates;
  • Commitment to the highest standards of business and professional ethics;
  • Exercising effective control over all activities, major tasks and sub-tasks needed to maintain the desired level of excellence;
  • Improving the Group’s performance and operational effectiveness through internal strategy and discipline, taking into account the general orientation and global interconnectedness of strategic goals of the Group’s internal divisions;
  • Diversifying the Group’s presence at the global level, as well as strengthening its positions in key areas of the industrial and energy sectors;
  • Development of comprehensive, mutually beneficial and constructive relations with internal and external partners, counterparties and clients on the basis of a wide range of mechanisms and forms of cooperation at all levels of management;
  • Ensuring a stable, safe and efficient supply of goods and services based on social and business interests with the assortment, volume and quality corresponding to the market demand levels;
  • Impetuous development of the innovative activity and advancement of the Group’s scientific-intellectual and technological potential;
  • Development and support of social initiatives that improve the quality of life;
  • Creation of a favorable social climate providing for stable and dynamic business development in the regions of presence;
  • Systematically updating, improving and streamlining of the internal environmental management system for reducing the ecological impact of ongoing business operations across different geographical locations;
  • Efficient management of potential environmental risks based on modern concepts;
  • Rational and efficient use of non-renewable natural resources with a combination of highly efficient tools and methods of their protection at all levels of the Group’s operations;
  • Ensuring continuous professional development and career growth of internal staff as well as improving of organizational and technical working conditions, health and safety at the workplace.

ERC Corporate Group positions itself as a responsible participant in different business segments and a conscientious player in the principal import and export markets, which focuses on the formation of favorable economic, social, and ecological environment across the Group’s geographical locations.